The Queen of Heaven has practised the deepest humility, the most sincere obedience, the most inexhaustible patience, the greatest meekness, the most ardent charity, no one can be a true Discalced Carmelite except he who endeavours to acquire similar virtues.

The humble Virgin cannot count among her favourite children a haughty person, nor the obedient Virgin a rebellious person, nor the meek Virgin an irritable person. How can a loquacious Carmelite be regarded as the child of a silent Mother, a self-indulgent one the child of a Mother in need, one unrestrained in look the child of a modest Mother, or a worldly one a son of the retiring Virgin? If she could now suffer, the most clement Virgin would certainly be grievously wounded at the irreligious life and the want of true, virtue in those who should stand forth as her specially favoured children by the shining example of their virtues’.

The world expects us, as Carmelites, to prove ourselves true children of Mary by our virtues. If we are true children of the Virgin, we must practise her modesty, purity, meekness and the other virtues suitable to our state, and as closely as possible imitate the whole life of the Most Blessed Virgin. We shall then reach true perfection and be accounted worthy of the inheritance to which we are called, and enjoy the prerogative of children.

This is the true devotion to the Queen of Heaven, and we are bound to it, since Mary is our special Patroness.
He who practises this devotion in earnest, will be endowed with great internal riches, the Queen Beauty of Carmel will regard him with special favour and will at the supreme moment of death greatly fortify him. The whole heavenly court, which knows how to regard the favoured children of their Queen, will welcome him to their company with the greatest delight.


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